Day Tours in India

Country Info
  • Currency: Indian rupee (Rs.)
  • Population: 1.252 billion
  • Time Zone: UTC+05:30
  • Area: 3.287 million km2
  • Capital: New Delhi
  • Official Language: Hindi, English
  • Capital's calling code: +91

Our Day Tour Selection

Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life." Justify your life, going for short trips while you are busy to earn for your living. Short vacations in between busy work schedule will provide you with rejuvenation. Such short holidays to awesome destinations will re-energize you to get back to work in full swing and concentration.

Delhi Day Tours

Delhi is one of the most stunning destination of India, it is situated alongside River Yaamuna. It is rich in its historical background. Many of the major tour itineraries starts from Delhi itself as it has an international airport that operates from the cities around the world.

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Jaipur Day Tours

Jaipur also known as The Pink City and is one of the most famous tourist destination of Rajasthan. From majestic fort, magnificent havelis and to traditional delicacies, this city shares its stronghold with its past. The wonderful architecture well explains the heritage of the city. Founded in 18th century, this city has stood as a pillar of astonishment for every traveller who passed by.

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Agra Day Tours

The beautiful city of Agra is located close to the national capital New Delhi on the western banks of the River Yamuna. This charismatic city is famous tourist spot from all over India and the world . One of the Seven Wonders of the world, the magnificent Taj Mahal is a favourite romantic spot for most newly-wed. In addition to this White Marble UNESCO World Heritage Site there are several other historical monuments and tombs that date back to the mythological era. Some of them include the Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Akbar Mausoleum also known as the Sikandra Fort.

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Goa Day Tours

Goa is the smallest city in India, It is famous for its Beautiful beaches, the delicious food and Portuguese culture. This city is not just about beaches and parties, it is a cultural blend of spirituality, spices, seafood, sun and sand. This tropical paradise caters to all types of travellers, from backpackers to luxury travellers.

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Mumbai Day Tours

Mumbai, earliar known as Bombay is the capital city of Indian state-Maharashtra. It is popularly known as ‘the city of dreams,’ as people from across the country comes to this city to fulfil their dreams. The Mumbai city is filled with glamour, fame and power.

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Kerala Day Tours

Kerala is majorly known for its palm-lined beaches, backwaters, network of canals and exotic wildlife. The culture and tradition of Kerala has made it one of the most popular destinations in India. Ayurvedic Tourism has also made Kerala a famous spot for domestic and international tourist.

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